About Us

We design our own products which include neck ties, long sleeved dress shirts and collared polo shirts of various pastel colors. Our aim is to provide quality professional attire which is also lively and fashionable.

What motivated this effort was an endeavor to create business wear for our friends. Our mission is to design clothing for the young professional (or young at heart) that is freeing, expressive of personal style and that embodies the evolutionary nature of creativity in the workforce. The world is a lot more colorful, the workplace is no longer your typical black, grey and blue and neither should be your work wardrobe. We are from the francophone Caribbean country of Haïti and the name of our company is an ode to its flag. Bleu et Bordeaux is French for the color blue and Bordeaux, which is not a color but a wine region in France, much like Burgundy which has come to be associated with its color in wine. Our vision is to give the European countryside an island vibe and make that into clothing. Imagine a vineyard in the tropical Caribbean. That’s the image for our brand. A kind of classic luxury mixed with modern leisure.